Latest update 9/23/15

We understand from the promoter that the partial refunds that they offered are still "in progress". Please hang 10 for a little while longer.


8.15.15 At The Beach sea shell and star fish~ no updates at this time.



Partial refund information is posted on



Tickets have been dispatched. Please check with us on Monday, June 29th if your tickets have not arrived.

The GDTS TOO ticket refund date has been moved to June 26, 2015. Refunds are available for Chicago Mail Order tickets only. Please DO NOT send us Santa Clara tickets. If you did send us your Santa Clara tickets they will be dropped off at will call. You will NOT receive a refund.

Please read the 6.10.15 update below for other information.



Press Here for a note from the promoters of Dead 50.

We will not be able to give Fed Ex or Priority Mail tracking numbers at this time.
Ticket Prices and Seat Locations:
$215.50 Reserved tickets are located within sections 100, 200 and 300.
$115.50 General Admission Pit are located in the Pit in front of the stage.
$95.50 Reserved tickets are located in section 400.
If you are unhappy with these seat locations you may return your tickets by June 26, 2015 for a full refund and we will pass them onward. Press here for Refund information.
Please note: GDTS TOO had no control over what seat locations they were provided.
Please remember, as stated, ticket prices include a $6.00 GDTS TOO service charge and a $10.00 Commemorative ticket printing fee.
Refer to your point of purchase for any Santa Clara/Levi's Stadium questions.
Congratulations to our Fabulous Envelope Contest Winners:
Friday's ticket: Chelsea Elliott
Saturday's ticket: Matthew & Jill Silvia
Sunday's ticket: Lois Radtke & Judea Star
50th Logo on the rear of ticket and best of "On Line": Jessica Muessen
Field Museum Promo: Karl & Kristen Andersen
We will post these fabulous envelopes and more of the 20,000 art envelopes soon.


The commemorative tickets are almost finished being printed, and they are dazzling!
Tickets will be sent out in early June.
We will not be accepting address changes, you will have to make your own arrangements from this date on.
We also will not be accepting any mail service upgrades.
We are diving in again and won't be up for air until mid-June and our emails will be on auto reply for the first two weeks of June.
We do not have seat locations. You will find out your seat locations when you receive your tickets.
The GD50th Fabulous Envelopes are an "Art Movement" of their own. We will be posting our museum pieces soon.
Please check for any other show information.


Please check for all inquires, including ticket sales information, for The Dead performances at Levi stadium on June 27 & 28, 2015.

We are now answering emails for anyone who is still in "limbo". We do not have seat locations at this time.

The Fabulous Envelope Art contest winners have selected and notified! It was a difficult task, choosing the finalists, as each and every envelope is an outstanding piece of art, many being museum worthy.


On Sunday, we said our good byes to Ruby at a heart filled gathering in the forest of Northern California.
GD 50th update: We are still connecting name database with email database. We also working on the numerous Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes that were returned to us. Fabulous Envelope Art Winners will be announced soon.


Quick update to let you know that the last of the returns just went out. We are still busy filing index cards and working on winner emails that have been returned to us. We will post another update in a week or so when we can answer your status questions. Thank you again for your patience.
The crew of GDTS TOO


Please note: If you only sent in one envelope and received an email stating that you will receive tickets, then your whole order will be filled.  If you sent in multiple envelopes, then we can only guarantee that at least one of your orders has been filled and we will not be able to provide you with which date or which ticket type was chosen at this time.
If you did not include an email on your 3 x 5 we will not be able to let you know if you have received tickets.
Thank you for your patience.
The crew of GDTS TOO



We’ve been submerged in a sea of mail and are coming up for a breath of air to give you an update on where we stand right now. We are 75% of the way processing all of the orders, working 24/7 to get your money orders back to you. There were many, many times more order requests than anyone imagined, thousands and thousands with beautiful art. We are trying to let as many folks as possible know their status before the onsale date. Emails will go out to the winners starting in the next two days. Your chances of receiving tickets from us are 1 in 10, so if you have not received a winner’s email from us by the on-sale date, you may want to consider on line ticket sales to increase your chances.
Tickets will be mailed out in June.
Please do not email us at this time as we will not be able to answer your inquiry.

Okay, we are taking a deep breath and going back under.
The crew of GDTS TOO

“Some days the gales are howling
Some days the sea is still as glass”
John Barlow



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